Dr.-Ing. Horst Knoche


Practical trainer | Coach
ABB RobotStudio - Simulation
SmartComponent | AddIn
ABB Robot programming - RAPID
Visual Studio C++ | C# | .NET
Project management
Image processing


2014 to present

Engineering Firm Dr. Knoche, Biedenkopf, Germany

Work focus:

Lecturing, Practical trainer, Consulting, Development and Management in the area of robotics and software engineering

Sucessful projects:

Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM), Campus Biedenkopf, Germany Lecturer in the foundation of robotics and automation

Hamburger Fernhochschule (HFH), Campus Düsseldorf, Germany Lecturer in the area of robotic systems and mobile robotic

ABB Robotics Training Center, Friedberg, Germany Lecturer in a number of courses including programming and robot simulation

Development of robot simulation for several companies in the field of automation that are tailor made to the specific requirements of clients

Practical trainer and coach for several companies in the field of automation

2012 - 2014

Buderus Guss GmbH, Breidenbach, Germany Manager Technical Function

Work focus:

Head of Technical Function Department

Technical planning in the area of foundry technology and automation

Project management in the area of image processing systems and robotics

Supervision of Bachelor thesis in the area of robotics and foundry technology

1999 - 2012

ISRA VISION AG, Darmstadt, Germany Project Manager & Software Developer

Work focus:

System development in the field of robotics and machine vision

Software development (Visual C++, MFC, C#, .NET)

Robot programming (ABB, KUKA)

Sucessful projects:

Ford AG, Köln, 2010-2012 Development of a software module for collision free bin picking using an ABB-Robot

ISRA SURFACE, Herten, 2008-2010 Development of a software module for 3D silk screen printing recognition

MONDI packaging, Sendenhorst, 2006-2008 Development of a software client for visualization of inspection results

Daimler-Chrysler, Rastatt, 2003-2006 Development of a mobile paint inspection system and marking system using several KUKA-Robots

Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, 1999-2003 Development of a mobile paint inspection system and marking system using several portal robots

1985 - 1988

AEG, Frankfurt, Germany Service & Commissioning Engineer

Work focus:

Commissioning of complex process computers at home and abroad


1991 - 1998

University of Dortmund, Institute of Robotics Research, Germany, Research Assistant

Subject: Electrical engineering

Education: PhD

Dissertation: Using methods of PC based image processing to make a robot work cell more flexible

1988 - 1991

University of Siegen

Subject: Electrical engineering

Education: Master of Science

1981 - 1985

(Fachhochschule) College of Gießen

Subject: Automation

Education: Bachelor of Science